sugar cane crushers

The Sugar Cane Crushers offered by us are the most suitable for crushing the hard skin sugar canes with more percentage of extraction of the juice. Due to standardization, the parts are interchangeable. The castings of the rolls are close grained which resists wear for a longer life. The Sugar Cane Crusher Machine, we deal in, are ranked among the modernistic sugar cane crushers. It has earned its distinction for its high capacity. It is of high rigid construction and robust design. It gives years of service due to its high grade material. It is simple in construction, very light on bullocks and easy to manipulate.

An unskilled man can replace its parts at home without any trouble. The rollers are fitted with spindles by a taper cone and nut arrangement in order to give excellent grip between rollers and spindles. This arrangement has reduced its maintenance cost. The main advantage is that when a hollow roller is worn out there is no need to change the complete set of rollers. The several modernistic features associated with our products make us one of the leading Sugarcane Crusher Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.

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Details of Construction

  • Frame:- is moulded in once piece with legs and base, giving extra ordinary strength to the whole machine.
  • Cover:- is of cast Iron and is of one piece.
  • Rollers:- All the three rollers have specially designed teeth for smooth working without much friction. Rollers are fitted to spindles by means of a special taper cone and nut arrangement.
  • Bearings:- are of seasoned wood which help in smooth working with longer life.
  • Spout:- is provided to deliver juice from mill to receptacle.